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Online audiobooks

Audio books

Audio books have been around for decades already, but they only reached their full potential for the visually impaired thanks to the Daisy format. Daisy books allow navigation, browsing, skipping and other features making the reading experience equal or even superior to paper reading.

With the advent of online-capable Daisy players and the establishment of the Daisy Online Delivery Protocol, online reading is the next revolution for digital talking books. With Online Daisy you can listen to your favourite audio publications online, be it a newspaper, novel, magazine or study book.

Online audio books

With benefits for both readers and content distributors, the internet is the optimum distribution channel for audio books. Online reading is fast, convenient, flexible and cost-effective.

Advantages for readers

  • Your books are always at hand without the hassle of CD’s.
  • You get your books before they are in the bookstore.
  • New versions are delivered automatically.
  • You can read and navigate faster than CD!
  • You choose how you access your online books: computer, Daisy player, smart phone, …

Advantages for content distributors

  • There is no CD production and distribution.
  • The online service does not interfere with your existing systems.
  • Your catalogue and users are synchronised.
  • You are in charge, determining what to deliver to whom with what subscription policy.
  • Library support (lending / returning).
  • It can be integrated in your online catalogue.
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