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Features / Architecture

Platform architecture

  • Cloud model storing all content on the platform, making it seamlessly available to readers, whichever device they are using.
  • Central repository on the platform with catalogue and user information, separated from your existing systems, without disturbing your current operations.
  • Easy synchronisation from your catalogue to the online platform using XML. This requires no integration of the online platform services in your existing systems (It is still possible to integrate the online services in your existing systems if required. Contact us for more details.). Only a synchronisation XML file needs to be exported from your current systems, as well as your Daisy content.
  • Possibility for keeping your Daisy content files at your web server, having the online platform redirect to it.
  • Possibility for adding user-specific operations to your Daisy books, such as content personalisation or the inclusion of watermarks (watermarking software not included in the platform).
  • Supports content from different content providers on the same platform. When using a common unique user identifier users can automatically get all content from all sources on their bookshelf, even when logging in with the credentials provided by only one partner. For example: a user logs in with his library member number and receives on his bookshelf the library books as well as today’s newspaper.
  • All the distribution channels are working together. For example, a book read on the website will be on the “opened” book list on the Daisy player as well.
Daisy Consortium