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Why do you still offer your audio books and Daisy publications on DVD? 

Offering such publications on DVD is logistically and financially quite difficult compared to online Daisy books.
Whether it’s study, fiction or non-fiction publications, thanks to a personalised Daisy app and the connection to a DODP service, your audio files also go online.

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With 150.000 active users the Online Daisy platform is market leader in Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Australia and Belgium distributing talking newspapers, magazines and books to people with visual, reading, writing or learning disabilities.

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Online Daisy app launched in Finland 

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 It’s incredible! I am very happy that this exists.
It has made my student life easier.
Thank you!


College Student

Online reading is the next revolution for digital talking books. With Online Daisy you can listen to your favourite audio publications online, be it a newspaper, novel, magazine or study book.