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Offer your audiofiles or books online

For persons with reading impairment

 An intuitive design provides an accessible reading experience.

  • For blind, low vision and dyslectic readers
  • Change text appearance, adjust audio speed and customize navigation

Easy navigation 

Quickly jump to the part of the book.

  • Navigate by page, heading, sentence or time interval
  • Reading marker highlights text synchronous to the audio
  • Resume from your last reading position
  • Manage your own bookmarks anywhere in the book
  • Share bookmarks online between your devices

Search within a book

Search any topic of interest. 

  • Search within a book while reading
  • Search through headings, pages and bookmarks
  • Whether the book is read from the device or online

Online Daisy is the world's premier app for reading DAISY and EPUB audio books from your online device

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