Online Daisy 

Why offer your Daisy publications online 

Your customers have evolved, so should you!

  • Less costs as there is no CD production and distribution.
  • The online service does not interfere with your existing systems.
  • Your catalogue and users are synchronised.
  • You are in charge, determining what to deliver to whom with what subscription policy.
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Library support (lending / returning).
  • It can be integrated in your online catalogue.
  • Readers can stream or download books.

Daisy publications

Step 1

Are your audio files ready to push them online? 
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Platform (Daisy Books & DODP)

Step 2

Store your content in the cloud on the platform. Making it seamlessly available to readers, whichever device they are using.
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Step 3

Let your clients read audiobook on their moblie device through your app.
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Your library

Step 4

Promote your online library to readers all over the world.
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